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People in slalom water-ski course north of the Peltier island next to the great blue heron rookery and in a cleared out 2,000 foot by 200 foot section of native aquatic vegetation July 8, 2001. Cleared out course runs left to right.


Beneficial normal healthy coontail that filters the water, secures the sediments from winds and currents and provides a spawning area for fish. This coontail is west of Peltier island where high speed boating has not occurred.


Wide expanse of healthy coontail west of Peltier island.


Ripped out coontail blown to south shore from north of the island. These plants will die and make a  mess.


Coontail that is decomposing and stinking.


Ripped out coontail blown in from north of island pulled from lake.


Ski course orientation and size.

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